The ability to forecast accurately the ability of your generation assets to generate electricity over multiple time ranges is essential for both commercial and regulatory purposes. A power availability forecast is the source of data for submissions to National Grid, Ofgem and EMFIP - and is also one of the inputs for accurate gas usage forecasting.

Key Features

  • Allows configuration of complex constrained and unconstrained Availability Forecast Models
  • Integration with EDT, PM and THOR Transparency Reporting modules
  • Automated and ad-hoc execution options
  • Interaction with Events Manager to factor in outage events and configuration changes
  • Suitable for wind farms and gas fired power stations.

How it Works

Sentinel TA is a highly versatile tool that enables us to work with you to configure a model of the technical and external factors that impact on plant performance to improve the accuracy of declarations to National Grid to improve commercial performance.

By reflecting the impact of actual and planned plant constraints and configuration changes, degradation factors and weather data, the Sentinel TA model editor enables us to translate existing models - often in the form of spreadsheets - into secure scalable tools that account for asset specific operating conditions. Once finalised and validated, the model is used to update constraint and event information, refining availability forecasts to achieve higher levels of currency and accuracy.

Sentinel TA is integrated with other Sentinel modules (such as Sentinel EDT and PM) to automatically transfer and make visible accurate power availability forecast data across all areas of the company, supporting better operational and trading decisions.  By delivering more accurate availability forecasts, Sentinel enables you to trade closer to actual plant capability, creating the potential for increased trading volumes and improved commercial performance for gas fired power stations and wind farms.

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