Sentinel PM can display any data stored in the Sentinel database alongside actual plant data from either a Kenda summator or an OPC compliant plant historian or SCADA system. Through separate EMC and station versions of the client, it enables you to configure custom views for traders and operators.

Key Features

  • Consolidated view of your operations based on any combination of Sentinel datasets
  • Include actual plant data acquired via Kenda, Plant Historian or SCADA feeds
  • Dual feeds for meter data integrity and system resilience
  • Customised versions for asset management and commercial operations
  • Customised views for each user
  • Interactive charts and tabular displays
  • Alert configuration and routing.

How it Works

Sentinel PM is capable of displaying any data stored in the Sentinel database, not just those items necessary for operation in the BM such as PN, MEL and BOA data.  To complement this flexibility, any Sentinel PM client can be configured to create custom views of data of interest to different parties. For instance electricity traders can view aggregated information for target v actual generation across the generation portfolio in addition  to unit-specific views, whilst gas traders can view their forecast, actual and nominated gas usage on a single screen. Control room operators can also have their own customised views of the data of interest to them, with the Sentinel infrastructure synchronising the data values shown on each client application in real time so that everyone has the same, clear, picture of the generation assets’ performance.

Meter data integrity and system resilience are built in through the facility to utilise dual plant data sources with automatic fail over. Vital information is displayed clearly in tabular and graphical formats and includes current spot values and settlement period totals and averages, creating a high level of visibility of the status of each generation asset and the portfolio as a whole.

Configurable alerts ensure that exceptions are flagged to operators and traders via email and SMS so that time sensitive issues are addressed. These actions can streamline station operations and create opportunity to trade out or correct impending imbalances. Available as a stand alone product, or integrated with EDL, Sentinel PM is flexible and adaptable to your needs creating a clear focus on important events and delivering the visibility required to operate your plant effectively and profitably.

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