Forecasting and notifying gas usage to various parties over multiple time frames is a common requirement across all gas fired power stations. The Sentinel Gas Forecasting module uses the modelling capabilities of the Sentinel Model Editor to produce customised models that calculate and nominate to third parties forecast and actual gas usage according to your plant’s technical parameters and the terms of your gas supply contracts.

Key Features

  • Highly configurable gas demand modelling
  • Forecast and actual gas demand can be merged for nomination purposes
  • Automated transfer of data between Sentinel modules e.g. display of forecast on Sentinel PM
  • Automated communication with suppliers and shippers based on contractual rules
  • Scheduled, rule-dependant or on-demand execution
  • Full validation before submission.

How it Works

Our business analysts are experienced with contractual terms in NEXAs and PPAs that need to be configured in the models and can help you to produce a sets of calculations that will automate the production and nomination of your gas usage forecasts over the time ranges and on the schedules required by your counter-parties.  Our standard model is parameterised, allowing quick configuration of startup/shutdown, base load and part load running correction factors – however the Model Editor allows a high degree of flexibility in customisation, resulting in a completely different model structure for you if you wish.

As with other Sentinel modules, Sentinel Gas Forecasting sits within the Sentinel application framework, allowing data to be easily transferred between modules such as generation forecasts and accepted BOA instructions from the EDT and EDL modules for use as inputs to the model or the resultant gas usage forecast displayed on the Sentinel PM client.  The application  framework has common communications interfaces, scheduling, data auditing, access configuration and alerting capabilities, reducing the cost of implementation to you.

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