The Sentinel Elexon Interface module is an Elexon-certified application that enables Market Participants to exchange information with Elexon securely and reliably, for both contract notification and settlement.

Key Features

  • Elexon certified for interconnector, non-physical trader, generator, supplier and VLP roles
  • Download ECVAA-I022 (Forward Contract Report) and ECVAA-I028 (ECVN Acceptance Feedback) flows

How it Works

The interface is designed to accept imported energy contract volume information and submit it in the correct format to Elexon, downloading and presenting a display of the feedback from Elexon, reconciled with the original ECVN. It provides a range of views of the data, highlighting differences between submitted and accepted positions to support remedial action by traders.

Elexon specifies ranges of data flows to be exchanged for participants in the BM that are particular to their role in the market and requires certification, known as CVA Qualification for the system you intend to use to do this. We have extensive experience of managing the CVA Qualification process on behalf of our customers to ensure that the data flows required for their role can be downloaded and acknowledged in line with Elexon’s requirements.

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