Communicating an accurate picture of expected future generation via Physical Notifications, and Bid Offer pricing that is commercially sound and attractive to National Grid are fundamental to the profitable operation of your generating assets. Optimised for wind, thermal and nuclear, Sentinel EDT delivers all the tools you need to operate your trading point submissions effectively. A vital component of your BETTA market system.

Sentinel EDT is National Grid certified and offers a range of features designed to ensure that submissions are made securely and consistently.

Key Features

  • Trading point management that enables submission of PN, MEL and BOD to National Grid
  • Link between asset management and commercial operations
  • Manual, semi-automated or fully automated data entry / import functions
  • Selective submissions based on accepted position to reduce duplication
  • All entries validated prior to submission
  • Wind forecast integration
  • Alert configuration and routing.

How it Works

Physical notifications and Bid Offer pricing submissions can be driven by either imports or manual entries. In both cases all entries are validated for compliance before submission. As a result, Sentinel EDT guards against submission issues and inaccurate declarations, helping to minimise imbalance charges. This feature is enhanced by the facility to configure the sensitivity of the parameters that govern submissions so they become tighter as the time interval between submission and delivery shortens.

For greater flexibility, Sentinel EDT can be deployed as part of a wider Sentinel solution or through integration to a third party system. When working alongside other Sentinel products, EDT submissions can be viewed in a single display with EDL data, by both station operators and traders, using the Position Monitoring module.

Non-instructable Generating Units

EDT can automatically differentiate between generating units that can be instructed by National Grid and those that are not part of the balancing mechanism, routing values to the appropriate destinations when the generation plan for the entire portfolio is prepared and submitted. This ensures that all required National Grid submissions are made, while data relating to non-instructable units is delivered to station operators.

Integrating Wind Power Forecasts

Changes to wind speed and direction have a major impact on turbine and wind farm performance. However, not all changes are relevant in terms of submission to National Grid. Sentinel EDT can automate the assessment of wind forecasts, recognising when conditions require new submissions. The result is that both the magnitude and timing of changes are accounted for before any submission is made.

Automated Alerts

Exceptional events, like submission failures, can be commercially costly. Sometimes events don’t follow a plan so Sentinel Alerts highlights exceptional events and conditions, routing information to those best placed to respond. Delivery via the Sentinel desktop, email and SMS ensures that nothing is missed and issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

EBS: Major change for EDT users

National Grid is currently developing a replacement for the BM; the Electricity Balancing System, or EBS. Following its introduction the process of scheduling and dispatching BMUs will change radically. The current processes will be replaced with more automated systems, placing a greater reliance on the quality of data submitted by Market Participants to inform dispatch decisions.

The data provided via EDT not only indicates the amount of power that a BMU can produce over a given time period, it also informs National Grid about its ability to respond to instructions quickly, and its flexibility in terms of adjusting output up or down in a timely manner.

Once introduced, EBS is likely to produce more BOA instructions than the current system, favouring those BMUs that provide flexibility and value.

The added value features delivered in Sentinel EDT can help to ensure that your submissions position your BMUs to take advantage of these new arrangements.

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