Sentinel EDL handles the two-way traffic between your control point and National Grid associated with the processing of BOA instructions and the re-declaration of key values signalling changes to generating capacity such as MEL.

Key Features

  • Control point management that handles instructions (e.g. BOA, Ancillary Services) from and submissions (e.g. MEL, SEL) to National Grid
  • Use in combination with fully configurable alerts module
  • Transfer responsibility for individual generation units between operators
  • Automated data transfer to other Sentinel modules to maintain data integrity
  • Automatic and manual instruction acceptance operational modes.

How it Works

Certified with the system operator, National Grid, Sentinel EDL delivers a range of features designed to streamline the processing of Bid Offer Acceptances (BOAs) and submission of changes to availability and dynamic data after gate closure. Offering both automated and manual modes, Sentinel EDL can be configured to reflect your requirements. And, through the application of custom features designed specifically to enhance the operation of gas, wind and nuclear generation, it delivers a solution aligned precisely to your needs.

Sentinel EDL enables you to differentiate between generating units that are part of the balancing mechanism and those that are not, automatically routing the required values and submissions to the appropriate parties. Should exceptional conditions occur, preventing automated processes from executing, integration with Sentinel Alerts ensures that all interested parties are notified promptly to enable remedial action.

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