The production of a dispatch plan for generation units that is technically feasible, contractually valid (if there is a PPA in place) and commercially profitable is a difficult problem to solve and one that is addressed by Sentinel Dispatch Planning (DP).

Key Features

  • Configure a dispatch algorithm or process to create a dispatch plan for one or more generation units based on key plant and contractual parameters
  • Develop a reference model that can be utilised in multiple configurations
  • Model execution on demand, scheduled or receipt of new input data
  • Automatically push PN to EDT, other data to off-takers
  • Configurable events with custom typology
  • Permission security model based on configured access rights and roles
  • Full data logging and audit trail of actions
  • Configurable reporting.

How it Works

The Sentinel Dispatch Planning module uses the modelling capabilities of the Sentinel Model Editor to produce customised and configurable models which reflect technical parameters such as the necessary notice to deviate from zero (NDZ) load and ramp rates; contractual obligations from a PPA; and other commercial terms, to produce a generation plan that forms the basis of data submitted to National Grid and to the control centre for your generation assets. It can also be sent automatically to other interested counter parties such as off-takers.

The models are configured with your input but using our business analysts’ experience with previous similar problems and can be configured to produce dispatch plans over multiple time ranges, reflecting the various uses for the plans.  Once configured, the models are executed automatically when new information is presented to it, on a time schedule or on demand within a common application framework that allows DP to share data with other Sentinel modules such as Technical Availability.  As with other Sentinel modules, the Sentinel application framework also allows DP to utilise common communications interfaces, scheduling, data auditing, access configuration and alerting capabilities that reduce the cost of implementation to you.

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