Sentinel delivers all the features and functions required for participation in the GB electricity Balancing Mechanism, including National Grid certified EDT and EDL applications. Beyond that, Sentinel supports a range of business functions, delivering integrated planning, forecasting and settlement systems optimised for all types of power generation.

Now in use across a fleet of over 28GW of installed capacity, Sentinel is a leading solution and the choice of many major energy companies.

Key Features

  • National Grid certified EDT and EDL interfaces
  • Ready for TERRE
  • Powerful forecasting and planning tools
  • Configurable automation for higher productivity
  • Elexon and Ancillary Services Settlements
  • REMIT, ETR and OC2 Compliance Management
  • Managed Hosting and BM Communications (EDT/EDL)
  • VLP Flows

Sentinel supports a range of key roles.

Commercial Operations

By modelling technical availability and dispatch plans, Sentinel provides high quality data to improve the accuracy of EDT submissions, leading to improved dispatch performance and BM revenue generation. 

The Sentinel Elexon interface takes care of EVCN and MVRN notifications to fulfil your obligations as an ECVNA for the BM. 

Asset Management

The Sentinel Asset Management suite encompasses both BM control and trading point operations, including National Grid certified EDT (Electronic Data Transfer) and EDL (Electronic Dispatch Logging) applications. 

The status of all generating units is brought together through our Position Monitoring tools, available as both stand alone and EDL integrated options. Operational Shift Log (OSL) completes the picture, streamlining event logging and reporting across your entire asset register.

Back Office

Sentinel Elexon Interface supports CVA Qualification and on-going receipt of CRA, CDCA, ECVA and SAA flows associated with your BSC Party Role. It also supports Delivered Volume flows (P0282) required for VLPs from December 2019.

Sentinel Settlements delivers the information you need to manage your financial position using Elexon SAA-IO14 data flows, enabling you to forecast and control cash flow and deal with issues and disputes before they happen. 

The Sentinel CMS delivers a comprehensive suite of tools that enable you to model, operate, monitor and settle in line with the technical and commercial terms of your agreements.

Market Compliance

UK and European regulations on energy market transparency including REMIT and ETR impose a number of obligations on transmission connected power generators. 

Sentinel THOR manages all power availability declarations in one intelligent product that will determine the nature of submissions required and automate the process of disseminating data to the appropriate destinations.

Productivity Gains through Automation

As the energy transition gathers pace, the management of an increasingly complex and distributed power generation and demand management fleet will demand changes in the processes that underpin it.

By introducing automation options into routine tasks, based on configurable operating parameters, we will continue to streamline the way assets are managed to help you control costs and enhance profitability.

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