Delivering invaluable insight to the operation of the GB electricity Balancing Mechanism, providing information and analysis essential to informed trading and pricing decisions.

In the hands of skilled analysts and traders, MarketWatch can support faster decision making based on real time information to enhance Balancing Mechanism performance.

Key Features

  • System level information┬ávia the BMRS web service
  • Dynamic addition of new BMUs
  • BMU Bid Offer Pricing and Dynamic Data
  • Historical data for analysis

How it Works

MarketWatch utilises the Elexon BMRS to acquire a variety of data sets that provide a firm foundation for the delivery of insight to the detailed workings of the BM. Carefully selected inputs are analysed using algorithms designed to deliver accessible views of the market and the characteristics and performance of the individual units that participate in the BM.

System Level Analysis

Keep watch on the status of the GB electricity transmission system with key indicators including demand, generation by fuel type and system frequency. Benefit from early warning of system stress events and have confidence in key indicators and market signals.

Fuel and Zone Behaviour

Gain a birds-eye view of changing levels of activity and availability across the system with fuel type and zonal views that enable you to monitor developments likely to impact on your performance. Track competitor availability based on OC2 and REMIT disclosures to support your own outage planning and monitor BM cash flow to discover which pricing strategies are yielding results.

BM Unit Detail

Drill down to the detail about individual BMUs to explore historical activity, and the plant dynamics that influence flexibility and responsiveness to inform your own planning for enhanced Balancing Mechanism performance.

MarketWatch Electricity Balancing Market Insight

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