Sentinel for Risk and Compliance

UK and European regulations on energy market transparency impose a number of obligations for reporting power availability on transmission connected power generators. Sentinel THOR brings these together in one intelligent product that will determine the nature of submissions required and automate the process of disseminating data to the appropriate platforms.


Sentinel THOR ensures that all required outputs are produced and made available in the public domain via the National Grid MODIS and TOGA interfaces automatically, streamlining business processes to reduce manual input and potential costly mismatches of published information across the various platforms. Data delivered to National Grid via MODIS is also forwarded to Elexon for publication via the BMRS. And, should you be required to publish ETR data via the ENTSO-E Electricity Market Fundamental Information Platform (EMFIP), this can also be configured, ensuring compliance with European market transparency requirements for power availability reporting.

In addition to the delivery of REMIT, ETR, and OC2 feeds to the required National Grid interfaces, the system also delivers data directly to your own REMIT website creating an additional channel of information to ensure all required data is publically available, even in the event of disruption to the MODIS interface, vital to your ability to continue trading.

Key Features >

  • Calculation and notification of planned and unplanned outages and changes of available output to comply with ETR, OC2 and REMIT requirements
  • Enter and manage planned events
  • Automatic import to THOR of EDL MEL submissions and assessment of requirements to submit availability changes as ETR or REMIT submissions
  • System detects whether ETR and / or REMIT submissions are required
  • Submission can be automated, or user controlled
  • REMIT data flows to your website provides you with a backup channel in case the National Grid MODIS is unavailable
  • For OC2, Output Available and Outage files are prepared and uploaded to TOGA website according to the required schedule.

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