Sentinel for the Back Office

Sentinel Settlements delivers the information you need to manage your financial position using Elexon SAA-IO14 data flows, enabling you to forecast and control cash flow and deal with issues and disputes before they happen. 

PPA Manager delivers a comprehensive suite of tools that enable you to model, operate, monitor and settle in line with the technical and commercial terms of your agreements.


Elexon CVA /SVAA Interface

Essential for BSC compliance, this interface assures you of a robust solution for receipt and acknowledgement of data flows associated with your BSC Party Role and provides a mechanism for submission of SVAA flows unique to VLPs.


CVA Qualification testing is an essential part of the market entry process for all BSC Party Roles. The Sentinel Elexon Interface is a proven route to successful CVA Qualification and is used by many Parties and Counter Parties. In addition to providing the software, we can also manage the CVA Qualification process on your behalf, ensuring that all flows associated with your chosen Party Role are tested successfully.

VLP Delivered Volume Flows

The introduction by National Grid ESO sees the beginning of VLP operations and with them the requirement for the submission of Delivered Volume data via data flow P0282. The Sentinel Elexon Interface bundle includes the facility to manage these submissions and receive the required responses from Elexon to ensure on-going compliance with this unique VLP requirement.

Key Features >

  • Supports all CRA, CDCA, ECVA and SAA flows
  • New functionality for VLP Delivered Volume Flows (P0282)
  • Offered with CVA Qualification Testing support
  • Essential for market entry


The ability to access, analyse and review settlement data easily streamlines back office processes and results in more reliable cash flow forecasts and receipts.

Trading Disputes raised with Elexon provide a mechanism for correcting identified Settlement Errors. They allow energy that was incorrectly calculated to be re-calculated, and the corrected Trading Charges distributed accordingly. Data acquired via Sentinel Settlements provides you with the means to validate your position and ensure that disputes are resolved equitably. By providing a view of SAA-IO14 data up to 8 days in advance of formal notification by Elexon, the system equips you to manage any eventuality proactively.

NETA Settlements

  • Use SAA-IO14 data to deliver a structured view of SAA-IO14, highlighting differences between versions
  • Estimate settlement charges and payments for any calendar day before SAA-IO14 data is available
  • New features in development to utilise data from EDT, EDL and PM to provide a basis for comparison.

Ancillary and Commercial Services

National Grid engages with generators for a number of ancillary services including Reactive Power, Frequency Response, Black Start and Reserve Services. Most of these services are open to all generators so ancillary services settlement features can be added to your system to reflect your specific requirements based on the services you participant in.

Key Features >

  • Cash Flow Visibility
  • Settlement Position Transparency
  • NETA and Ancillary Services
  • Dispute Resolution Support

Sentinel CMS

Sentinel CMS can be configured to mirror the technical and commercial terms of your contract helping to manage the operation and performance of your generating assets against key performance indicators. The system delivers the visibility you need to take effective action to optimise performance and ensure accurate financial settlement, including the production of auditable settlement data for input to accurate, unchallengeable invoices.

Build and Execute Accurate Contract Models

At the core of Sentinel PPA modeller is a powerful editor that utilises commercial and technical logic and mathematics to define data manipulation according to specific conditions. Carrying out complex calculations aligned to schedules and triggers, the Sentinel calculation engine produces time sensitive results to inform decisions associated with key business processes.

Integrate with Ease

Like all Quorum products, PPA Manager can be integrated with a range of plant data systems via industry standard OPC interfaces to acquire plant operational data. Other interfaces can be implemented using the Sentinel communications module to reliably and securely manage the export of calculated data to other Sentinel modules and the import of data for use in the PPA model from external sources in various formats including XML and CSV.

Manage Events and Contract Parameters

Known events, like planned outages, can be programmed and revised as plans change, creating a dynamic view of your capacity, enabling you to assess and manage the impact of changes as they occur. Values that influence contract performance such as financial indices can be managed centrally to ensure the consistency and validity of the model.


Sometimes events don’t follow a plan. Sentinel Alerts highlights exceptional events and conditions, routing information to those best placed to respond. Delivery via the Sentinel desktop, email and SMS ensures that nothing is missed and issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

Personalised Views

PPA Manager includes a Position Monitoring module. By configuring a personalised view of any Sentinel dataset, each operator can focus on the things that are important to them, optimising their ability to manage events, like manual despatch, in real time.

Responsive Operations

The tools delivered by PPA Manager put you in control. Working from an informed position, you can operate with greater flexibility, benefiting from contract terms that reward responsiveness.

Business Intelligence

Reporting is fully configurable. We will deliver a suite of reporting templates designed to meet your specific requirements. These can be run on a scheduled basis or in response to triggers built into the model. Either way, PPA Manager delivers the information you need to stay in control.


Reviewing, revising and agreeing settlement data with your contract counterparties becomes easier when you have a robust system to support your decisions and claims. Once agreed, summary settlement data can be exported direct to your accounting system reducing administration and improving accuracy.

Staying Secure

Each user of PPA Manager has a unique profile that governs the things they can see and do within the system. For added security every action taken and submission made is logged, attributed and timestamped. Full auditability is delivered via specific modules that enable you to review the detail behind the decisions and actions taken.

Key Features >

  • A framework for decision making and performance management
  • Automation of key processes including technical availability forecasting, despatch planning, fuel usage forecasting and invoice settlement
  • An operational toolkit that doesn’t require expert knowledge
  • Production of auditable, unchallengeable invoicing data
  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and authority levels
  • Full audit and security suite

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