Specialist Solutions with Shared DNA

We believe that Quorum software delivers unrivalled capabilities in terms of integration, scaling and adaptability. Developed around a set of core principles that ensure every installation is robust and reliable, all of our products have been developed with a clear focus on helping you to optimise your technical and commercial performance.



Comprised of National Grid certified control and trading point solutions, an accredited Elexon interface and a range of planning and modelling tools, Sentinel is designed around key business functions, including asset management, commercial operations, back office and market compliance. Modules are integrated and solutions configured to deliver systems optimised for thermal, nuclear and wind generators.

Sentinel CMS

Sentinel CMS can be configured to mirror the technical and commercial terms of your contract to ensure operation and settlement of your generation assets in accordance with your PPA. 


OSL streamlines event logging and reporting processes. Using automated event tracking within a robust framework, OSL gives you complete control over the configuration of your asset register and includes options to develop customised categories and hierarchies to log events and issues either directly or through integration with PI or another OPC based plant interface.

 Key Features

Open Architecture

Built on technologies including Java, XML and RESTful web services, Sentinel delivers a high degree of flexibility, making the configuration and import or export of data between all modules and other business systems simple and efficient. As a result, all Quorum products can be deployed individually or as integrated solutions.

Proven Framework

All Quorum products share a central design ethos, utilising a proven framework of tried and tested service modules to manage core functions including alerts, security and communications interfaces. As a result, once implemented, they create a shared foundation for user modules such as EDT, EDL and PM delivering more robust systems with a common look and feel throughout.

Industry Standard Interfaces

Sentinel can retrieve and store data originating from any OPC compliant plant historian or SCADA system, and can be configured to validate and update vital indicators such as target generation or on/off Boolean values automatically. Data from the Sentinel database can be exported on demand to a range of other systems and reporting tools in a number of formats including CSV and XML.

Future Proof  Models

Because Quorum software uses configurable XML models to perform key calculations for critical functions like availability forecasting and financial settlement, it is highly flexible and easy to maintain. This approach avoids the pitfalls that might be associated with the use of tools like Microsoft Excel for such business critical functions by creating a separation between the calculations and other elements of the application. This separation makes each element or calculation upgradable independent of the others, enabling us to support models with differing levels of susceptibility to change making your system durable and reliable.

 Key Features

Web Services

Any of the datasets stored within Sentinel can be made available to third party systems via a web service. This enables interrogation of spot or half hourly values using established tools. 

Integrated Alerts

Sometimes events don’t follow a plan. Sentinel Alerts highlights exceptional events and conditions, routing information to those best placed to respond. Delivery via the Sentinel desktop, email and SMS ensures that nothing is missed and issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

Business Process Automation

In auto-mode, routine tasks like EDT submission and BOA acceptance via EDL can be triggered automatically when specific conditions are met, streamlining your processes, reducing the risk of human error and freeing resources to manage trading and operations.

Accurate modelling of commercial and technical variables makes these responses reliable, while safeguards based on time sensitivity and magnitude ensure that all exceptions are highlighted and escalated if need be. By facilitating this approach, Sentinel allows you to focus skills and resources on the issues that need the talents of your team, maximising productivity, responsiveness and performance.

Robust Security

LDAP is utilised throughout Sentinel to manage access to the features and functions required by each user. Permissions for viewing, editing and submitting data can all be configured by user or role, delivering robust security and user focus.