Quorum Delivers Major Project for Seabank Power

Energy industry software specialist Quorum is delighted to announce the deployment of its Sentinel product suite at Seabank Power in Bristol. The applications delivered to Seabank provide, amongst other modules, the power station’s critical interfaces with National Grid, enabling it to operate efficiently in the GB Electricity Balancing Mechanism. Following a competitive tender, the team at Seabank selected Sentinel to replace its existing system and over the last few months the companies have worked closely together to specify, develop and deliver a comprehensive Balancing Mechanism operations and settlement solution. The new Sentinel system at Seabank supports a wide range of activities from the company’s commercial operations, through forecasting of technical availability and nomination of outages, to delivery of power to the grid and financial settlement.

Seabank was eager to use this project as an opportunity to implement improvements in its business processes through the introduction of automation and close integration between applications designed to reduce administration costs and enable the team to focus on value adding activities.

From the outset the teams from Quorum and Seabank collaborated on the design and specification of the system, each bringing their own experiences and knowledge to the process ensuring that confidence in the end result was established early and remained high throughout the project.

After a comprehensive testing process, the Seabank team were able to use Sentinel in parallel with the legacy system prior to go live. This enabled users to become familiar with new features and functions paving the way for a seamless transition.

Commenting on the experience of working with Quorum, Seabank Commercial Manager Paul Hancock said, “The success of this project is testament to the quality of the working relationship we established with the Quorum team and their ability to understand our vision, translating it into a system that will deliver major operational and commercial benefits to the business.”