Quorum Launches OSL5

Quorum is delighted to announce the launch of OSL 5, the latest iteration of the popular event logging and tracking software.

Best known for its market leading Sentinel software suite for power generation companies, Quorum Development offers complementary products that reflect the company’s focus on technical excellence and outstanding performance. Among these is OSL, or Operational Shift Log, an electronic event logging and tracking system that is finding favour with a growing list of clients.

Now deployed in the UK, Middle East, South Africa and Australia, OSL is delivering many benefits to its users. Accurate logging and tracking of operational events and their impact on performance is a vital task and operational efficiency is enhanced due to the streamlined transfer of information between shift teams and between operators and commercial users. Future performance can be improved through the opportunity created to analyse historical events, learn from them and develop business processes accordingly. And, critically, the maintenance of detailed, reliable health and safety records provides a vital reference point in the event of an incident and can ensure compliance with applicable legislation.

Commenting on the benefits delivered by OSL, Chris Martin, Process Safety and Operational Excellence Manager at Engie said “We have utilised OSL in a number of business units for over three years. In that time we have seen improvements in the quality and flow of information relating to both routine and exceptional events in the business. OSL continues to be a key component in our operational management and I am confident that OSL 5 will deliver further benefits to us.”

For more information on OSL 5 click here or call Adam Groves on 01740 625 529