Project management and liaison with key industry stakeholders including National Grid and Elexon.

By working with you through the specification and design phases of your project we will develop a detailed understanding of your needs and structure the implementation process to mirror them. If this is the first time you have deployed electricity market software, our extensive project experience will be invaluable. If you're migrating to Quorum products from other systems, our shadow mode deployment will enable you and your team to build confidence and trust.


What we deliver

Project Management

The effective implementation of all Sentinel products is assured through a robust approach to project management, under the control of our ISO9001 certified quality management system. We will work with you to develop an implementation plan, which will include the deployment of the Sentinel software.

The range of services delivered within the implementation process assures you that your Sentinel system will function effectively and efficiently from day one. We will develop a network design indicating which components of the system require your input in order to establish connections with the Sentinel host. Before go-live the system will be tested comprehensively.


A key objective of the implementation process is to ensure that the products we deliver complement your existing IT infrastructure through robust and seamless integration. We have designed our products with integration in mind, making provision for a variety of data import, export and transfer scenarios, including XML, restful web services, flat files and a range of APIs to enterprise level systems such as SAP.


Testing will include site acceptance testing with your direct participation, in addition to NAT and National Grid BPIT testing. We have extensive experience of the processes required to achieve successful outcomes to these tests and will ensure that your system is fully compliant to the required standards of performance.

Shadow Mode

Should you be migrating to Sentinel from an established system, we can deploy in shadow mode. This enables us to run in parallel with your existing system, creating an opportunity for you to validate the performance of Sentinel using real data. During the shadow run, you and your team will develop confidence and trust in Sentinel, gaining the skills to use the system in a risk free simulated live environment before go live.

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