Hosting and IT

Network design, hardware specification, procurement, installation, commissioning and support. By working with you through the specification and design phases of your project we will develop a detailed understanding of your needs and structure the implementation process to mirror them. If this is the first time you have deployed electricity market software, our extensive project experience will be invaluable. If you're migrating to Quorum products from other systems, our shadow mode deployment will enable you and your team to build confidence and trust.


What we deliver

Hosted Solutions

Designing and deploying the IT and communications infrastructure needed to enter the energy market is a costly, complex and time consuming process. We have developed a hosted Sentinel solution to simplify and speed up the process, delivering everything you need to begin operating trading and control points in the GB electricity market.

  • All IT infrastructure managed for you
  • National Grid Communications links included
  • Faster implementation
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Access to advice and guidance services

When you need a flexible, rapid implementation option our hosted service delivers a range of Sentinel features online. Core applications can be accessed securely via a web-based version of the system, providing technical and commercial users with all the tools they need, wherever they are. Whether your need is for market entry or a growing fleet, our hosted solution will grow with your changing needs.

Secure Data Centre

Our data centre is equipped with fault tolerant virtual machines, meaning that software remains active even in the event of a host server failure. Should there be an EDT router failure, continuity for EDT communications is delivered via failover to a backup system at Quorum HQ. EDL services revert to the National Grid Green Phone protocol under these circumstances.

National Grid Communications

Operation of your trading and control points requires telecommunications infrastructure connecting your systems to their counterparts at National Grid.

EDT (trading point) communications enable the transmission of generation plans to National Grid. You are required to provide this link, which can be provided using an established connection at our data centre, removing any need for you to procure a new one. A backup EDT connection is provided at Quorum HQ.

EDL (control point) communications enable the receipt of BOA instructions from National Grid and the submission of MEL re-declarations. Use of the Quorum EDL control point simplifies the deployment of your system by removing the need for you to establish your own EDL link, a process that can take up to six months.

Sentinel Everywhere

Our hosted solution can be accessed from anywhere, making your trading and control point functions more flexible. As the system is equipped with Sentinel Alerts, users are always in touch, wherever they are.

Access to the Balancing Mechanism

If you have installed capacity over 5MW you may be able to participate in the Balancing Mechanism (BM), benefiting from the ability to trade out system imbalances with National Grid through bids and offers. Our hosted solution delivers all the functionality you need to operate within the BM and we can provide the support and advice you need to establish your own trading and control point operations.

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