PPA Settlements at Barking Power Station

When Thames Power Services (TPS) wanted to replace an ageing Excel based system used for operating the Barking Power Station in accordance with a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), they chose Quorum in the face of stiff competition from several multinational corporations.

TPS found that there was no off-the-shelf software solution to replace their existing, bespoke, Excel based application suite, which had grown over the years to the point where it was un-maintainable.

They liked Quorum’s idea of developing a configurable, business-process modelling tool but were concerned about the risks of adopting a “big bang” approach to the replacement of their existing system.

Thus, in a phased implementation, Quorum delivered an agreed subset of components to the station, integrating those components to those parts of the existing system that were left after each phase.

Quorum Development’s software has now fully replaced the previous application, providing communications with Tollers and Gas Shippers/Suppliers, producing a capacity forecast, generation plan which incorporates instructions from the Toller and gas demand forecast for the power station.

In addition, several extra components (Position Keeping, EDL, CNS and EDT) have been recently installed to extend the functionality into other areas of the business.

The new Sentinel solution has given Barking Power station a system that implements their PPA in a manner that has streamlined its operation, enabling the station to be more flexible and profitable in the way that it operates.

Additionally, when the agreement has changed, the models have been quickly and easily changed to match the new agreement.

“Quorum Development have given us a system that has cut down substantially the length of time taken to perform the dispatch process. Sentinel PPA has allowed the Commercial and Engineering teams at Barking Power Station to combine and configure their knowledge in an “expert system”, used every day to operate the plant safely and profitably within its technical and commercial constraints”.

Tim Pickop, Project manager at TPS