Gas Tolling Agreement Settlements System for T-Power

T-Power is a Belgian company which owns and operates a 425MW CCGT plant at Tessenderlo in Belgium.

The project was the first power station in Belgium whose operation is secured by a gas tolling agreement. Responsibility for delivering the gas tolling agreement settlements system was given by T-Power to International Power’s Plant Systems Programme Management Group in Swindon UK (at that time a major shareholder in the project).

By rapidly prototyping the core of an energy conversion agreement for an existing CCGT plant, Quorum was able to demonstrate to International Power and T-Power that implementing the settlements system in Sentinel would be fast and accurate, minimising risk and costs. Quorum and Sentinel were selected to carry out the work.

Since the gas tolling agreement contract contained complex business processes and calculations, many of which were inter-dependent, the Quorum project plan included a design and prototyping phase to eliminate uncertainty in the software deliverables, as well as providing a vehicle to clarify points in the written contractual agreements.

To ensure complete confidence in the calculated results, Quorum developed comprehensive test cases and made use of exhaustive testing procedures.

The settlements system application was designed to be used by the plant operators for actions including capacity declarations and receiving toller instructions. The T-Power commercial team, headed by Anna Matevosyan, were provided with the means to prepare monthly invoices, with complete confidence in their accuracy and the ability to drill down to the data used in the calculation of the invoice.

“Sentinel guides the control room operators in operating the plant within the contractual parameters and also prepares a set of invoice data each month that is accurate and verifiable. I particularly like the fact that Sentinel keeps track of all versions of the invoice data, highlighting differences in the calculated results when data has to be amended or substituted. The ongoing support provided by the team at Quorum is also timely and very professional”.

Anna Matevosyan
Commercial Manager at T-Power


“Quorum delivered a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of a complicated business requirement in a transparent and open manner, on time and to budget. With all lengthy projects, a worry is that the project will go off track – but Quorum kept us informed of any small delays and provided provision in their plan to meet the project deadlines. We were impressed by the team’s professionalism and determination to make the project succeed.”

Chris Martin
Head of Plant Systems Programme Management Group at International Power