Forecasting Technical Availability at Langage Power Station

The Sentinel Technical Availability (TA) module has been in operation at all of Centrica’s gas fired power stations since 2004. When a new flagship station was being built at Langage, Centrica asked Quorum to install the latest version of Sentinel TA there.

We cooperated closely with the station’s engineers and Centrica’s project manager to configure a new availability model for Langage, install the software and test the model, then train the station staff in its use.

In total, Langage brings to eight the number of Centrica stations that use Quorum’s software every day to accurately predict and distribute TA to the EMC, an essential part of Centrica’s profitable operation of their generation portfolio.

We have recently upgraded the version of Sentinel TA used at Centrica, bringing the benefits of the latest version’s increased functionality to all of Centrica’s power station operators.

Centrica’s project manager, responsible for all areas of the information systems commissioning of the new station, has been pleased with Quorum’s ability to take ownership of problems encountered during commissioning of the new system.

“Quorum’s aptitude, experience and willingness to be flexible made them a pleasure to work with. The operations of calculating and sending the availability predictions to the EMC have been greatly streamlined by the use of the Sentinel TA system.”

Roy Bailey
Operations Manager at Langage