UK Market Software Suite for DONG

DONG Energy is one of the leading power companies in Northern Europe.
When DONG decided to expand their presence in the UK electricity market by buying the highly efficient 824 MW gas-fired Severn Power station, they chose Quorum Development to supply and install the majority of the necessary systems, citing Quorum’s flexibility, expertise and range of software as key elements in their selection criteria.

With the coming on stream for DONG Energy of new offshore wind farms along the UK coastline, Quorum has since worked closely with DONG Energy to configure the extra units into the existing system and to streamline the processes of submitting data for the wind generation units. This has improved the visibility of the wind generation for the traders and has resulted in major time savings in their operation.


“Quorum has worked closely with us to specify and provide systems that will make our business processes significantly easier. The process of coping with the large volume of data associated with trading and monitoring wind farm generation has been streamlined by the new features in the software that Quorum has developed”

Joe Mann
Senior Trader at DONG Energy


“Being flexible and responsive to our customers is our biggest advantage compared to our competitors. Our software is highly customisable, with useful functionality being constantly developed to keep it at the forefront of the market for power generation trading and monitoring applications.”

John Sherban
Commercial Director at Quorum