Centralised Market Participant Solution for EDF’s UK Operations

When EDF went out to tender for a UK Despatching solution, Quorum won with their bid to replace EDF’s current system with Sentinel.

Sentinel’s flexible architecture allows plant data and EDL communications to be centrally collected and processed by Sentinel at EDF’s data centre, removing the requirement to install software at the stations, greatly reducing implementation and maintenance costs and improving robustness and resilience for the system as a whole.

In addition to the architectural features of the new system, EDF were won over by the abundance of extra functionality in Sentinel for the operation of coal, gas and nuclear stations, with key users at all three types of plant hailing Sentinel as providing significant advantages over their current system.

To aid implementation, Quorum has also built in to Sentinel the ability to “shadow” any other UK Dispatching system, allowing the replacement of UK Dispatching solutions using a controlled, station-by-station approach. Sentinel can run in parallel with other EDT, EDL and Position Monitoring systems whilst communication link testing and user training are carried out. During this parallel running period, all operations and communications with National Grid are carried out on the third party system but Quorum’s Sentinel software picks up all of the data and displays it on the normal Sentinel screens in the Control Rooms and the Trading Centre.


When the decision is made to cut over to using Sentinel as the main system, this can be accomplished for each station separately, using a controlled, automated process that has now been successfully carried out for three UK electricity market participants.
EDF have been pleased both by the robustness of Sentinel itself and by the expertise and hard work displayed by Quorum Development’s implementation team.

“EDF chose Quorum based on the excellence of their system and their outstanding references from current customers and we have not been disappointed. The Sentinel system has been welcomed at our Commercial Ops Centre and the stations, whilst Quorum’s expertise and attention to detail have been admirable in the implementation of Sentinel within EDF.”

Andrew Greaves
Head of Transformation (Upstream) at EDF


“EDF have provided us with the opportunity to prove that our software has been designed to operate over the widest range of power plants. We have been extremely pleased with the reception that it has received within EDF and we will continue to adapt to market changes and improve it to keep it ahead of our competitors.”

John Sherban
Commercial Director at Quorum