The Advantage of Experience

The team at Quorum has accrued a significant amount of experience in markets throughout the world designing, developing, delivering and supporting a wide range of solutions for power generation companies both large and small. The case studies we have included here aim to give you a flavour of the scale and variety of the projects we have delivered. We are confident that they demonstrate our ability to grasp the essence of our customers' needs, translating their vision into world class solutions.

Forecasting Technical Availability at Langage Power Station

The Sentinel Technical Availability (TA) module has been in operation at all of Centrica’s gas fired power stations since 2004. When a new flagship station was being built at Langage, Centrica asked Quorum to install the latest version of Sentinel TA there.

UK Market Software Suite for DONG

When DONG decided to expand their presence in the UK electricity market by buying the highly efficient 824 MW gas-fired Severn Power station, they chose Quorum software to manage their operation…

Centralised Market Participant Solution for EDF’s UK Operations

When EDF went out to tender for a UK Despatching solution, Quorum won with their bid to replace EDF’s current system with Sentinel.

Gas Tolling Agreement Settlements System for T-Power

T-Power is a Belgian company which owns and operates a 425MW CCGT plant at Tessenderlo in Belgium. The project was the first power station in Belgium whose operation is secured by a gas tolling agreement…

PPA Settlements at Barking Power Station

When Thames Power Services (TPS) wanted to replace an ageing Excel based system used for operating the Barking Power Station in accordance with a PPA, they chose Quorum…