Power Optimised Specialist advice, software and services for the power generation industry

Quorum builds and delivers a range of applications meticulously designed to improve the technical and commercial performance of power generation companies.

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Trade, Control, Balance Across a range of key business functions Sentinel by Quorum will streamline your processes.

Designed for power generation and configured to optimise the way you work and the results you achieve.

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Powerful, Integrated, Secure Technical excellence is designed into everything we do.

Our products share common DNA with leading edge technologies embedded across the range.

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A suite of software products designed to improve the operation and management of electricity generating assets and enhance technical and commercial performance in the Balancing Mechanism. Sentinel  delivers comprehensive solutions for energy companies including:

  • National Grid and Elexon Interfaces
  • Powerful Forecasting and Planning Tools
  • Settlement Forecasting and Reconciliation
  • Availability Reporting


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Delivering invaluable insight to the operation of the GB electricity Balancing Mechanism, providing information and analysis essential to informed trading and pricing decisions. MarketWatch utilises the Elexon BMRS to acquire a variety of data sets that provide a firm foundation for the delivery of insight to the detailed workings of the GB electricity Balancing Mechanism. Carefully selected data sets are the inputs to analysis using algorithms designed to extract maximum value, presenting results in an accessible way.

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Structured, efficient operational logging and reporting for better communication and enhanced performance. OSL creates order, delivering a robust, secure solution to operational logging, shift handover and reporting. Capture and track the detail of operational events for consistent, transparent communication ensuring that one version of the truth is shared and understood throughout the organisation.

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